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Hello all, and happy Wednesday! 

Here are several upcoming webinars that you might be interested in:
1. MassHealth Health Plan Updates: Relaunch of ACO Programs (tomorrow!)
2. Organizations Interested in Becoming Certified Application Counselors
3. MassHealth Redeterminations for Aging Services Network
4. MassHealth Redeterminations for Members Experiencing Homelessness

Updates and action items below, including a reminder on replacement SNAP for households who lose power for 4+ hours during this winter storm. We hope you all stay safe and warm today!

This is a hugely important bill that we hope you will support and that will allow school districts to keep up with the cost of food, and reduce the state cost for providing Universal School Meals. 
Please join Project Bread, Children's HealthWatch,MLRI and other state and national orgs by:
  • contacting Rep McGovern's team if you want to be listed as a supporting organization on his Dear Colleague letter, 
  • retweeting Rep McGovern's tween below, and
  • tuning into CSPAN on Wednesday, or look out for his speech on twitter!

A few updates and opportunities to share with you all, especially as the State Budget season is underway! 


Happy Friday, 

It's been another eventful week -

FY 24 Budget (House 1)

We hope to see you at our annual Health Access Training for MCLE.