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The Consumer and Tax Law section contains materials about issues such as credit, bankruptcy, utilities, tax credits and unfair and deceptive practices.

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Black Americans suffered the most under Trump-era consumer-protection agency, study finds

02/01/2021 - Andrea Riquier, MarketWatch - lock_open
Financial-services companies began to reduce monetary settlements to consumers assumed to be Black or lower-income as soon as Donald Trump... Read more

Race Equity at the Core of Consumer Law

07/13/2021 - The Shriver Center on Poverty Law - lock_open
This report is a collection of chapters written by consumer advocates across the country making the case that consideration of race should... Read more

Debt Collection Lab

01/01/2021 - Princeton University, Dignity+Debt, VizE Lab and SSRC - lock_open
Website that tracks debt collection court cases in real time and has begun doing so in five states. The DCL also uses the arts and... Read more

Protect yourself financially from the impact of the coronavirus

03/17/2020 - CFPB - lock_open
CFPB webpage can be accessed by visiting the link below.